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Sedation Service in Medellín

At Contigo Sedación

We provide sedation services in Medellín for patients, medical specialists, and dentists.

What We Do?

We specialize
in outpatient sedation services.

Our goal is to create a state of tranquility for our patients, reduce their anxiety, and alleviate pain during various medical and dental procedures. We also focus on enhancing their endurance during extended procedures, mitigating the risks and complications linked to general anesthesia, and promoting a quicker recovery.

What is Intravenous Sedation?

Intravenous sedation is a medical procedure in which an anesthesiologist administers medications through an intravenous line to induce a reduction in the state of consciousness and create a state of amnesia and pain elimination.

Intravenous sedation is commonly employed in medical and surgical procedures to keep the patient comfortable and pain-free while ensuring that the procedure is performed safely and effectively.

Every Patient is Unique

Our approach is grounded in the use of short-acting medications, specialized techniques, and patient-centered care for each outpatient. Our aim is to provide a safe, peaceful, and enjoyable experience.


of Ambulatory Sedation

Fear Reduction

It allows our patients to experience a decrease in the fear and anxiety associated with the procedure.


Enhances tolerance for longer-duration procedures.

Constant Monitoring

Continuous surveillance and monitoring by an anesthesiologist throughout the entire procedure.

Pain Absence

Sedation allows for the absence of pain during the procedure.

Optimal Working Conditions

Providing tranquil conditions for the patient minimizes risks and unexpected issues during the procedure.

Pleasant Environment

The patient will feel safe in a comfortable environment, experiencing peace during and after the procedure.

Economic Benefits

Reduction in time and cost compared to an operating room.

Improved Recovery

The ability to administer pain relievers and anti-inflammatories for a better recovery.

¡You're in the Best Hands!

Contigo Sedación Team

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Paulina Vega

Anesthesiologist – CEO

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María Isabel Alcocer


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Laura Rojas

Nursing Assistant

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Ana María Gómez

Nursing Assistant

Personal 1 (1)

Tatiana Avendaño

Nursing Assistant

Personal 1 (5)

Lina María Cardona

Nursing Assistant

Personal 1 (7)

Kenny Alejandro Osorio

Administrative Assistant

Personal 1 (2)

Sandra Gutierrez

Regent Pharmacy

Personal 1 (4)

Maria Yaneth Álvarez

Quality Leader

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Paola Cueto

SST Leader

We meet all quality standards

set by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Regional Directorate of Antioquia.

We are a certified company in Antioquia, providing extramural anesthesia services and pharmaceutical services.

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